martha stewart invades my holiday weekend

I’ve always been a sucker for good packaging. Even though I am keenly aware of this weakness, I was still surprised at how Martha Stewart products crept their way into my life this Thanksgiving weekend. First, there was the bird. Our mission was simple: A 12lb fresh turkey — as the Real Simple recipe for cider-glazed turkey I’d decided on, called for. Once we got to the store, I saw a whole bunch of turkeys that were 15lbs, 18, lbs, 22 lbs — but only one that was 12.5 lbs. It was a Martha Stewart Turkey. What?!? Martha Stewart makes turkeys? Who knew. The label assured me it was the turkey of my dreams — free-range, no antibiotics, naturally fed, 2.49/lb. Done, into the basket it went.

After the grocery store I popped into Home Depot to buy some flower bulbs to plant over the long weekend. The unseasonably warm weather means there is still plenty of time to get them in the ground. Again, I found myself lured by some lovely blue and white packaging that bore the Martha Stewart name. Unlike the other bags of bulbs, hers were organized by single colors. She just knows what it is I’m looking for, doesn’t she? So despite feeling slightly duped, I succombed and purchased the MS bulbs.

Can I recommend them? We’ll just have to wait until next spring to see. But I will say, the turkey was a fine bird. — Angela M.

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Wow, there are Martha Stewart turkeys? MS Living is the reason I went for a fresh, free-range bird, and even looked for a heritage variety, but none were available in my immediate neighborhood (and also because my fridge is smallish so I didn’t want to have a turkey defrosting in there for days and days.) There’s a butcher shop near my office (Ottomanelli) that carried(s) heritage breeds, so I might try for that next year, if I can bring the car. I’m not carrying a turkey on the train. No way!

I used to buy a lot of MS stuff at Kmart, when she was still there. Most was a bargain, as it was well-made for the price. I’m less interested in the Macy’s merchandise, as it’s expensive. I did buy some adorable MS Xmas ornaments at Macy’s this past weekend–40% off!

I am sucker for Martha Stewart packaging. I too miss her line at K-mart. It was good quality (especially the paint) for good prices. I’ll miss not getting her cute wrapping paper this year.