…wishing my home office was an archipod


Occasionally I am lucky enough to spend the day working from home. I hole up in an upstairs office and power through a ton of things on my to-do list that I can’t do in the “regular” office due to meetings, interruptions and such. But how much more fun would working from home be if we had an Archipod in our back yard! Like a futuristic cottage, these round stand-alone huts are both cozy and space age. The dome shape allows natural light to flood in, making the tiny interior seem bigger than it is. Apparently it arrives in parts that be carried through your house into the back garden — so even city dwellers with row-houses could indulge. Circular desk included! Click here for more info and to see plans. — Angela M.

From our partners

It’s so wonderful!This is so unique office that I would love to work here and I think everybody would be pleased to have this office.

This would make an excellent office the natural lightign would do wonders. I feel like it would get very warm in the summer months though.

It would be incredibly cool to work in one of these pods but I might let my imagination run wild & do a lot of day dreaming rather than get things done. This certainly beats any backyard shed I’ve run across lately but I wonder if home offices will start to spin off into stand-alone rooms like this so you get privacy at home.