surely we can DIY this: anthropolgie trinket candle holders


As usual, I find myself drooling over many of Anthropolgie’s holiday-wares. There are an insane amount of gift-and-get worthy table top items. But these Trinket & Treasure candles gave me pause. A delicate tower of found objects, including thimbles and salt-n-pepper shakers, they would add whimsy to any dining experience. But the price, just shy of $400 puts them out of the realm of reality. No doubt they are hand-crafted with care, and no two pieces are alike. But couldn’t someone with a good eye craft together something similar with flea market finds? The repeated tin knobs help hold it together. What kind of glue do you think you’d need? Lets try it! Send me your suggestions and I’ll add it to my to-do list! — Angela M.

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they aren’t glued, they are drilled and then slipped over a threaded rod.

Most of the parts are availble from a lamp supply houselike :

the base is a lamp base. the filigree things are cast bobesches and the candle holder is a cast cup.

Just make sure to use a diamond drill bit and match the thread size on all the lamp parts you use.


If you are looking for a great glue that will hold E600 holds quite a bit of stuff together


yes they should be threaded together on a rod, but a few drops of stategically placed clear caulk hekp keep stuff from shifting and moving….I am collecting supplies NOW!!!