cataloguing the holidays: uncommon goods


So first it seems like the holiday advertising is all too early, and then we go straight to “It’s right around the corner!!!” I haven’t exactly been shopping like mad, but I sure have been browsing online for presents. My most recent stop was Uncommon Goods, where there’s always a colorful array of super-affordable gifts. This year, the delightfully sleek-looking iPhone Alarm Dock, $40, caught my eye. With a simple, modern design that doubles as a docking station, this is just a tiny bit brilliant, no? Could be great for a certain husband who finally broke down and bought an iPhone that is now attached to him night and day.

Funny thing is, the husband himself pointed out this Face Mug, $18, to me. With that built-in cookie hole, it’s also pretty clever. Think I’m being gently nagged to provide more treats?

And now, of course, for the person who has (or is that wants?) everything: me. First, these crocheted headphones,$38, look comfy for those work days I need to block out the office chatter.

This Open Sesame! Password Reminder Book, $13, would also come in handy — I probably have 2,000 emails in my archives from different websites where I have had to reset my password.

Finally, the both of us in my house could use these luggage tags, $10, for our frequent travels to visit family. If only we could get a whole set that read “Nothing worth stealing in here.” — Mary T.

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The open mouthed face mug made me laugh. A couple of years ago one of my kids got me a miniature Easter Island Statue carved from wood, which is designed as an eye-glasses holder. So it ends up looking like an Easter Island Statue wearing a huge pair of sunglasses when in use. Love it.