would you buy the ‘murder house’?


The murders are fictional, but if you’re watching American Horror Story, the fact that the series’ ill-historied house is for sale in real life might give you pause. According to this Hollywood Reporter article, the house’s magnificent (Tiffany glass, multiple tiled fireplaces) and creepy (a very questionable basement) features are the real deal: the pilot was shot on location and the house painstakingly replicated for the rest of the season. I’m not even going to ask if the place comes with a maid. — Mary T.

Do you believe in haunted houses?
What’s your favorite TV decor?

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YES. I believe that creepy basements are necessary for a proper childhood.

I think it would actually be really cool. The house was on tv! Plus I am sure it has a lot of character and a lot of interesting features inside.


I love this house. Since I saw it was for sale, every time I watch the show I think about where I would put my furniture.

For sure! But I´m a little short of cash.

I am so insanely addicted to this show it’s not even funny! But HELL NO – I would never live in a house like that where not one but multiple of the previous occupants had died. Way too creepy for my liking!

Heck yeah! The house has a bunch of things filmed in it on a regular basis, and would actually make back the money you used to buy the house in just a year or two, according to the numbers and details I’ve read. It’s a gorgeous piece of history, in film and normally, and deserves a good owner!