r.i.p. eva zeisel, wonderful artist & ceramic designer


My husband gave me (well, us) a wonderful gift for Christmas. A set of Eva Zeisel’s classic dishware to go with the gorgeous gravy boat and serving dish we already have. We’ve been coveting it for years, and have been making the splurge. It is so delicate and simple. Design at its purist.

This morning I read in The New York Times that she passed away, at the age of 105 (!) after a lifetime of doing what she loved and bring delightful objects into the world. We have written about our admiration for this remarkable woman and her work before.

Tonight, I’m going to serve some Swedish meatballs in this bowl, and toast the New Year in Eva’s honor. — Angela M.

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love this. Enjoy your boat! And happy new year to the gang in MapleW! xx love form London

oh, how sad! She was so absolutely amazing.


Sad, but she had a long and amazing life. And she gifted us with some beautiful–and functional!–designs. I’ve been thinking of starting to collect that service myself, as a more formal alternative to my Fiestaware. But I need a new kitchen first…

Swedish meatballs seem delicious; I would like to try them. Your husband is so thoughtful for giving you a classic dishware of Eva Zeisel. What a great choice of gift too. However the news of Eva Zeisel is quite sad. For sure, her great works would be recognized by her many buyers and fans. Take care of your new classic dishware as remembrance.

Love it! This is a beautiful and classic set.