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Christina S.

In hindsight, we shouldn’t have gotten the couch we bought. It’s too light of a color and is always dirty. The fabric pills and it’s just not what we wanted. But I can’t justify getting a new one.

I also hate my dining room table and coffee table, which we inherited from my husband’s bachelor days, but I didn’t have any say in buying those, so I guess it’s not really buyers remorse :)


Great post idea. My petrie chair from crate and barrel. Only guests ever sit in it, yet it has been schlubby looking as if it were well-worn for a while now despite more zhuzhing than sitting. I wish it was more comfortable, like a good curl up to read chair, but it is really not. I would need to replace it with something else, so for now it stays.

Angela M.

This isn’t a piece of furniture, but I had total regret after buying our West Elm sweater rug.. it shed worse than a sheep dog! Moved it to a non-trafficked room now, but still feel bad that I spent $300+ on it…


The only piece of furniture I have that I really really hate is my desk, but it was a freebie that my landlady gave me, so I can’t really complain. It’ll get replaced eventually.


Yes. The big brown leather recliner chair. And the matching big brown leather sofa. Not my choices, actually, but I live with them too. The best I could do was get them to be placed in separate rooms, thereby slightly diluting their hideous visual impact.


We bought a chair-and-a-half with an ottoman in an icky brown color. It is ugly and space-hogging, but suits our family so perfectly as a “reading chair” for a parent and our son that I can’t see us parting with it for a while.

Also, I didn’t buy my husband’s grandparents’ 60-year-old dining set with its fussy chairs and wiggly table, but I am stuck with it for now. It makes me feel mean to say so, but I really, really, really hate that set. It’s depressing to sit at two or three times a day. We can afford to replace it but I don’t think my husband wants to. *SIGH.*

@Daffodil Find a way to ditch the dining set. You won’t regret it. We finally replaced our dining set that I hated a few weeks ago and it makes such a difference. The Unclutterer website has convinced me that “Objects are just objects, and their value doesn’t magically change just because you have a history with them.”

I have lots of furniture pieces that I don’t “really love”. I inherited it from my grandmother. I’ll read it soon.


I hate the slipper chair we have in the living room– it’s angled just a bit too far back to be comfy. Plus the lack of arms means it’s not a good book reading chair. I think I hate it more now since we had to get rid of our old couch and move our guest room sofa bed into the tiny living room. It’s an awesome bed but lousy sofa. Again no arms! Someday we’ll have living room furniture with arms..


All of our living room furniture AND our mattress. We bought all of them, the couch, loveseat, ottoman and chair when we got married and moved in together. I won’t say where from because they make really good furniture – unfortunately. The horizontal seat parts of all of them are just a bit too short, so there is no way to get comfortable with them; I always feel like I’m going to slide on to the floor. I had a really comfortable couch and chair that felt lug getting a big bear hug every time I’d sit in them when we got married, but my cat shredded the corners of each down to the wooden frame. I should have coughed up the cash to get them reuphostered. Oh well.

Mary T.

For me it was the West Elm modern canopy bed. We spent enough money on it that I tried to make it work for so long, but it is a sign that you need to just part with your money and call it done when you’re lying in bed AFRAID TO MOVE because the clangy noise all the metal connectors make when you turn over enrage you.

I am a BIG purger, though. I have gotten rid of many a piece that we just knew we were never going to fix. It was my aunt’s? Someone else deserves to love it then.


That’s funny, I have the same Sleepytime rocker, but I didn’t hate it. I just wish it had been a bit more comfy, and I wish I had a place to put it where it rocked better (doesn’t rock well on carpet.) Now it’s in the garage, and I keep meaning to put it on Craigslist as we’re not planning on having another baby and we don’t have a place to put it.

What do I regret? My Corona couch and loveseat from Macy’s. They were pretty popular for a while on Apartment Therapy and other blogs, and we liked the lines and it was comfortable and reasonably priced, so we bought them. However, anything seems to stain them. We’ve had them less than two years and I’m embarrassed to have people in my living room. Also the foam of the cushions is breaking down already. I wish we had looked a bit farther.

I’m odd person out…I actually like the looks of that rocker. Kind of retro modern. lol

I’m awfully careful when it comes to purchasing furniture. I over think every purchase because I figure anything I buy is going to be with us for a long time to come. We’re not trendy, we buy classic. Pieces that stay in style. And since we purchase fairly piece meal, we buy the best quality we can afford at the time. We still have a crescent shaped sofa from Ethan Allen that’s nearly 12 years old. It still looks great, and I still love it. The same holds true for the sectional we purchased for the living room (not EA, but still good quality).

So what piece do I regret buying? The Milano chair (also EA).

It was purchased with another chair, a different style, when I decided to try and break free of my comfort zone and try something different. Get away from symmetry (you know, the sofa and matching chairs affliction).

I’ve regretted it ever since. I’ve decided I like the ‘idea’ of mixing furniture up, but it isn’t ‘me’. Plus, attractive as the chair looks, it had turned out to be one of the most uncomfortable pieces we’ve ever owned. We’ve only sat in it a dozen or so times in the years that we’ve owned it. It’s slated to be sold, but for now, it sits in our family room looking great, and still unused.