look! reader makes d.i.y anthropologie “trinket” candleholders


A few weeks ago we were ooohing and ahhhhing over Anthropologie’s trinket candleholders — but gasping at their price! The one-of-a-kind pieces were assembled from found objects, but at $400 a pop they seemed a bit over priced. Surely, we can make these ourselves? we asked. And you answered! Reader Kathleen made these hot little numbers before the holidays as a gift idea. Here’s her take, below:

I made three, but forgot to photo one of them before giving as a gift! I used a Dremel tool to drill w a diamond bit. And it did end up costing about $40-50 each to make with lamp parts, drill bits, and all the other pieces needed. I would recommend using felt or rubber washers between the pieces where a nut is used to tighten the stick. I didn’t at first and the parts kept coming loose. The rubber or felt is good to conform to the trinkets w/out being so hard against the fragile ceramics. They came out great though!

$40 or $50 sure beats $400! Well done Kathleen. We’ll be hitting up spring yard sales for some appropriate trinkets soon.

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