post off: what’s your favorite baking mix?


I always like to have a few baking mixes handy for the days when I am lazy and Isadora is restless. Lately I have found myself seduced by the pretty packaging of Barefoot Contessa‘s mixes, which seem to be placed near the checkout aisles, where we are all more vulnerable to impulses. Today I gave her Gingerbread Cupcakes with Maple Frosting a try. Unlike good old Betty Crocker mixes, this one required an additional trip to the grocery store when I realized that cream cheese was needed for the frosting. It was worth the extra trip. The cupcakes are moist and have little pieces of crystalized ginger in them, and the frosty smells maple-y but tastes creamy and not too sweet. Last week I made her Peppermint Brownies and they were great too. — Angela M.

What’s your secret baking mix favorite?

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Giradhelli’s double or triple brownies. Can’t remember the exact name, because it’s been ages since I’ve made them.


I’m a make-it-from scratch sort of girl but there’s one mix I’ll use — Trader Joe’s Gingerbread mix:

A couple of year’s agoI learned the hard way that it’s only available over the holidays. So, last year and again this year I was smart and stocked up.
I have about 12 boxes in my cupboard that will take us to next December.
I usually add some Belgium chocolate chips. It is the most gingery cake I’ve ever tasted.


Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix is amazing. It is seasonal, so I stock up!


I miss Trader Joe’s. There are none in my state.

rebecca f.

oho yeah i second DJs comment on the brownie mixes. I bake a lot, and I usually have one of these mixes in my cabinets for emergencies. Add some toasted nuts or Andes mints to make a little fancier, or even swirl in a little instant espresso to the water to boost flavor. They’re awesome!