bookmark worthy: purina’s petcentric breed libraries


Here’s something I never thought I would confess: I just spent three hours on Purina’s website. That’s right. Forget Reddit. Move along, Facebook. Time’s up, Pinterest. My hard-to-capture Internet attention has been captivated by Purina’s site If you too are a fan of anipals, a similar fate awaits you. The purveyors of kibble have created a fun, stylized breed library for both cats and dogs. Almost everyone is represented here in delightful, colorful animation. Click on your favorite breed and you’ll be greeted with an mini cartoon of a representative of the breed welcoming you with facts about themselves in their hysterically over-the-top voice (if you only have time for one, check out the German Shepherd). Besides sheer entertainment value, the website’s main goal is breed education. Purina (just like me!) encourages you to adopt your anipal! Use the Friend Fetcher to honestly evaluate how much time and money you will have to devote to your dog or cat, if they should be kid/other pet-friendly, and several other factors. –Katie D.

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racial stereotypes through dogs? yes please!


The Pomeranian is the best! She is *just* like my little fluff ball :D


It was SO good until you click on it and lol it went from amazing to awful because of the voices.

Mary T.

No mastiffs?! But there is a Newfy (and I have to confess, his voice is pretty similar to how we imagine our dogs talking…but true, Nancy, I did not last long).