real life test kitchen: butternut squash coconut rice


I have a new favorite place for finding recipes — Pinterest. Yes, we’ve gushed about the wonders of the social sharing site before, but I can’t let a day pass without browsing around and pinning some yummy looking recipe suggestions. Last week I found this dish from Tartelette Blog, a gluten free, butternut squash coconut rice wonder and decided to give it a try. Helene from Tartelette wrote that this healthy number was her go to recipe during the hectic holiday season, as a relief to all the decadent food they had been eating. Seemed like a perfect way to start the new year to me! The recipe is a little time consuming, only because cutting up a butternut squash always takes a commitment. I also had a hard time finding lemongrass but did eventually (at Whole Foods, naturally). The black beans and squash worked really nicely together, and the coconut milk-cooked rice was wonderfully fragrant. The only complaint that arose was about the pesky lemongrass. I cut it up nice and small, but it still had a tough consistency and was too crunchy for our liking. I wonder if there is a better way to incorporate lemongrass? Any tip?

And, if you’re wondering what I’m thinking of cooking next, check out my Things To Cook board at pinterest! — Angela M.

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If you wanted to make a quicker version of this, Trader Joe’s sells pre-cut butternut squash cubes!

I don’t think you are actually supposed to actually EAT the lemongrass. At least when I cook with it, usually in soup, I leave it in large pieces and remove it before serving.


yeah, i agree with anne. i would probably leave the lemongrass in large pieces (maybe 2-3 inches) and kind of smash them up a little bit. then place in the coconut milk/water mixture before adding the rice. remove the lemongrass before serving.

Yep, was going to add the same comment re: the lemongrass. And you can also get the pre-chopped squash at…you guessed it…Whole Foods!

This sounds so delicious – I’m putting it on my cooking “to do” list.