sneak peek at shelterrific’s new look

UPDATE: FRIDAY NIGHT, 9 PM — We’re up! Thanks again for all your patient this week. You might notice some bugs along the way and we will be continuing to improve things. Again, we love you’re feedback and will definitely take it into consideration. Change is good! Honestly!

Hi Everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that soon (hopefully this week!) we’ll be unveiling an updated Shelterrific design. The biggest change will be on the mainpage, which instead of having one long scroll, will be featuring a “what’s new” carousel on top with (you guessed it) the newest posts. On the rest of the page you will be able to browse recent posts based on subject. There will be also be a new navigation bar that will allow you to easily dive into the category you are looking for, like decorating or cooking.

Like all new things, it may take some time to get used to — but hopefully the new color scheme, bigger photos and navigation will become a part of your routine that you will grow to love. Also, we’ll be featuring a different Etsy artist each month on the hedder.

As always, we’ll be counting on you to tell us what you think and give us feedback. Thanks in advance for your patience if things get a little bumpy with publishing this week. We are super excited for our new look and hope you will be too! —

The Shelterrific Crew

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Think I’m going to like this!


Personally, I really enjoy being able to see full posts on the front page rather than having to click through. I understand the desire to have more page views but I still find myself slowly stopping going to sites where I have to click through.

(also known as: I love you just the way you are, so please don’t change it!)


I concur with Jessica! There’s something sweet about a simple, straightforward blog design. Too much clicking makes it feel less personal and cozy – something that I’ve dearly loved about this site to date!

I also have to agree. I feel like it is easier to know what you’ve already seen if it is all together, and it is just plain easier to get around. It also makes viewing on a smartphone much easier too :)
I do love the new colors and stuff!