want it now: anthropologie’s “cottage” blouse

It’s not very often that we write about fashion here on Shelterrific, but this insanely adorable top from Anthropologie lets us wear our domestic hearts on our sleeves – and tummies and backs! A silk-screened image by photographer Sarah Ball (we couldn’t find any additional info on her so let us know if you have some to share!), it features a delightful pink cottage on its front and back. Match it with a pair of jeans and kelly green cardigan and you’ve got an outfit worthy of any weekend getaway. Now, all we need is a little cottage to visit! A little pricey at $188, we’ll keep on eye on the sales racks for this one. Swoon, swoon.

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I can’t decide if I like that or not. It reminds me of Cath Kidston’s new “cottage” sewing box:


The word is ANTHROPOLOGY’S, not anthropologies.

Angela M.

Thanks for the comment, but actually the brand name is Anthropologie — Thus, Anthropologie’s