i love my roomba — should i scooba now?

You readers never let me down. Ever. The post-off about Roombas (back in 2010) had put a kernel of desire in my mind that had grown into a full blown lust frenzy. So for our holiday gift this year, we pooled our funds and bought ourselves a Roomba! His name is Rutger Watkins Baroomba the 1st, and I can honestly say he’s changed our lives in just a touch over a month. I’m floored (ha) at how well he gets every corner and handles our most plush rugs with ease (though I could see it having issues with fringe). Even the cats don’t mind him — and they freaked when we ran our regular vacuum. Most importantly, though, is how he has motivated us to keep the clutter at bay so we can run him as often as possible for the best result. I don’t think our house has ever been this clean.

So, now that I’m fully hooked on robots doing my housework, I’ve been thinking about augmenting our arsenal with a Scooba, iRobot’s mopping robot. Reviews have led me to hold out, however — and I’m now also pondering a Mint hard floor cleaning system, since it uses wet microfiber cloths to clean hard floors (which is what our house has). Have any of you used either? Feedback is much appreciated, of course! — Megan B.

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Have you considered a Neato instead? It is on my wishlist currently after discussing with some discerning former Roomba owners.