steal this idea: gutter gardens

Can you tell that we have spring on the brain? There’s still frost on the ground in the morning, but we are already plotting our gardens for springtime, and herbs are on our the top of our must plant list. We spotted this idea the other day on gutter gardens! We’re not sure how we’d attach this to the house, but the elevated position would be great to prevent ground critters from nibbling, and new puppies from digging. What do you think? Could you rock these sprouts?

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Great Idea! I can see it anywhere- on a fence or attached to well secured posts.

How inventive! I love this look and great use of space too.

Definitely trying this when spring arrives!


This is really exciting as it is so creative and at least to me totally new! It covers everything that seem to be what humans need to practice now. It is recycling, inventive, helps grow your own food, sustainable, and totally adds beauty to the world! Thanks I’m cutting and pasting it to all my friends.

This is a very popular trend lately in Sydney. Many people use the old gutters to plant things in them. Some people prefer to put them on the ground, and some install them onto the exterior walls, like in the picture. I personally find it to be an amazing idea, which helps us recycle and reuse the things we have in home. These gutters are being hooked to the wall using special screws or nails. First you’ll have to attach the gutters, and then plant things in them, because you’ll need to install the screws on the inside part of the gutter.