new obsession: the tableset podcast

Podcasts improve my day just as much as any of the other fantastic kitchen gadgets or delicious cookie recipes we feature here on Shelterrific. The work day becomes much more bearable when I slip on a pair of headphones and listen to something interesting, informative, or just plain funny. Right now, I’m obsessed with The Table Set. Available on HomeFries and iTunes, the free podcast is helmed by Andy, Nathan, and Greg, three “gentlemen who know how to throw a party.” Each week, the three friends discuss the best ways to entertain. From highbrow to lowbrow, Mardi Gras to high tea, The Table Set is bursting with fabulous ideas and inspiration. Listening to their informal debates about theme cocktails, the importance of pool party guest lists, and what to serve at an “Arrested Development” viewing party (spoiler alert: frozen bananas) makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my most creative, well-traveled friends who are all too fun to be jealous of.

I’m always looking for new podcasts so, sound off, Shelterrific readers: what podcasts are you listening to?

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miss kitty

I listen to alot of comedy podcasts. Doug Loves Movies is my favorite:


Oh, I’m excited to hear something new, just added The Table Set to my playlist, thanks. :)
My top 3 podcasts in no particular order are:
Answer Me This!
Desert Island Discs
and ooh this is hard, … I guess since I’ve been a 10 since prom, Too Beautiful to Live, but I’m currently enduring anxiety there… anyone else?

OMG Thanks! GREG AKA Sippity Sup and GREG fro The Table Set!!!

Awww, thanks for the love!

Katie! Thanks for listening!!!! Call in sometime! 817-82-FRIES