the many alluring stoves of smash

Perfectly timed to sweep up my attention now that Downton Abbey is nearing its end, I am pretty smitten about the new show Smash on Monday nights. I love good New York City melodrama, and this one is far more fun than an old lawyer or police detective type of show. You may know that all New Yorkers are required to comment to on the apartments of fictional New Yorkers, usually by saying things like, “A magazine writer could never afford an apartment that size.” In Smash, the onscreen dwellings are pretty accurate, and one detail I couldn’t help but notice is the prominently placed stoves in several scenes. You can totally tell a character’s place in life by the type of stove they own. The single, gay composer’s apartment (top) is pretty sweet. His stove is a stainless steel Viking. But his partner, who is married and lives in a West Village townhouse, has a professional style, double-fuel Wolf stove. The struggling actress, bottom, has a basic white one in her rental. If stardom means owning a dreamy Viking or Wolf, I say, it’s time to practice, practice, practice!

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