want it now: porcelain lobster riding lady

What kind of person decides to make a butter dish in the shape of a lobster WITH a flapper girl riding on its back? I don’t know, but he or she goes in my book as a genius. If I had $150 laying around, this 1920s extravaganza would be mine. Since prudence rules this day, however, the lovely combo could be yours. A quick seplace on ebay turned up another funky Art Deco piece of kitchenware in the form of a full-skirted woman as napkin holder. Charming though she is, she doesn’t quite capture my heart like her lobster-riding friend.

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hahahahah wow!


Moments after seeing this post, I was looking at the Museum of Bad Art and saw this picture: http://museumofbadart.org/coll9/image04.php


Oh that is crazy! but I love it.