steal this idea: herbs instead of flowers on tables

I went to the lovely Green Table for lunch the other day, and was immediately struck by a refreshing aroma when I walked in. No, it wasn’t the squash soup or the insanely good chicken pot pies, but something lighter. Sitting down I noticed little bell jars of rosemary on all the tables. It smelled better than any candle or oil you could buy. I replicated the effect last night during our Oscar shin dig, and it did wonders to get rid of the slightly doggy smell our house had.

What do you like to set out on tables to make your place smell good?

From our partners

I like to place a cinnamon stick, cloves, orange slices, and a bit of water in a small pot and let it simmer….used that the night I had the book club over.
I read in the NY Times that Febreeze had trouble selling at first because people don’t realize their homes smelled bad – you get use to your own smell.