sip & see: crazy for the kitchn’s downton abbey cocktails

Having just started season 2, I admit to being a happy passenger aboard the slow train to Downton Abbey. While the delay means I can’t talk about it with anyone, it has also afforded me the great fortune of stumbling upon the Kitchn’s Downton Abbey Cocktails series, which dedicates a drink to each Crawley daughter. Concocted by Nancy Mitchell of The Backyard Bartender, each recipe is fairly simple, containing only three ingredients each for Edith and Sybil, and four for Lady Mary, perhaps the most complex of the three. I’m excited by the splash of gin in Sybil’s St. Germain and Champagne combo, but for the sake of reporting will honestly will have to try all of them, probably multiple times, while I finish season 2. Have you been watching? Which daughter and drink is your favorite?

Season 1of Downton Abbey is streaming on Netflix and Season 2 is available on, but hurry; it expires 3/6!

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Sybil is my absolute favorite and her drink looks marvelous.. Excited that there will be a season 3, since so many great series in the UK tend to end just when they start getting good..

Sarah C.

@Lee – I know! Sybil is so progressive but I have to say, Lady Mary and Edith are (finally) coming around from the women we first met in Season 1. And thank goodness for that! I can’t wait for Season 3.