etsy find: nature photos and oil landscapes

I just finished hanging crown moulding and adding taller baseboards to the master bedroom. Ouch. Definitely used muscles I haven’t used that way since the last time the husband and I tackled crown moulding together. We also took the leap and changed the walls from almost white to a warm gray NatureMandalas to hang over nightstands (I’ve raved about Allison’s work before), but still needed a small piece of art for the opposite wall. Which brings me to the oil landscapes. Although there’s lot of original oils on Etsy for under $100, Carol Schiff’s work caught my eye, especially the marsh paintings. My soft spot for watercolors remains, but I’m looking forward to adding an oil to the mix. The smaller framing cost will be a nice change, too! (Sorry, no before pictures of the bedroom. We tend to leap before I think to snap pictures. As soon as it’s finished, I’ll post some after photos.)

From our partners

I love the feeling of the marsh painting; what a lovely addition that must be to your home; I can see that really standing out against warm gray walls. I’m so glad I found your blog…now to read more.

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for featuring my little marsh painting here and for saying such nice things about my work.