meet kathryn dilego: our etsy artist of the month

We are pleased to introduce you to our next artist of the month, Kathryn DiLego, whose vibrant patterns and prints caught our attention on Etsy. Based in Los Angeles, Kathryn’s work completely fits our quirky mod sensibilities. Her work, like this one, Pink Lemonnde Obsessive Happy, reminds of Mad Men era patterns, while others make Los Angeles’ traffic jams seem as as charming as Madelaine’s Paris. Be sure to click over to her Etsy shop, where you can nab one of her limited-edition prints for as little as $20. Kathryn told us a little about her work and life.

How would you describe your work?

I love lines! I draw loosey-goosey, limber-limbed lines and sometimes turn them into lanky-clanky, cartoon-colored, off-kilter screenprints. Like a form of productive dreaming, my obsessive yet relaxed drawings serve as both exploration and relief.

When did you start making your prints?
I don’t self-identify as a printmaker, but rather as a drawer who experiments on my own drawings. I love seeing the lines enlarged and multiplied! But I’m too clumsy and impatient for block carving, too scared of mashing my fingers in a letterpress… then I took a Saturday screenprinting class a couple of years ago and, as they say, bingo! It’s a technique that yields a professional result easily yet rewards further practice, it can be rudimentary or refined, and it’s a fun mix of process and improvisation. These Cameo prints were my very first effort.

How does Los Angeles inspire your work?
When my husband (filmmaker Richard Kaponas) and I moved from Boston to Los Angeles, I knew my art would change in response. Once my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, my work loosened up to express the showtime industriousness; the herky-jerky traffic; the architectural mishmash climbing tangly, jungle-y hills; and the bright, fast-fading colors of this completely singular city.

What kinds of artwork would we find on the walls of your house?
We’re honored to own work by so many cool artists, from Etsy and beyond — Mary O’Malley, Nicole Stowe, Isle of Printing, Standard Designs, Lizzie Abelson, Matt Cipov, Mary Kate McDevitt, Arcade Art, Justin Durand, Little Friends of Printmaking, Sarah Giannobile — which hang happily alongside our own artwork, as well as the odd thrift store painting. Not on the walls, but must be mentioned: our portraits in Lego by Brandon Griffith, and a Robot Companion made by James Felix McKenney of MonsterPants.

What is your decorating style?
I’d describe it as an uncluttered eclectic aesthetic. This city is hyperkinetic, so we keep our space engaging yet calm: dark wood plus pops of bright retro color, deep armchairs under big windows, lots of books and a few unusual vintage pieces. The mix is balanced because we’re so similar — and because we never hesitate to edit!

To see more of Kathryn’s work, visit her Etsy shop.

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I like her designs, they are modern and edgy in design and color, but like she said they really are calm. Which is a tough line not to cross with such a “loosey-goosey” design process.