kinda genius: tether stemware protectors

True story: I just spent the entirety of my viewing of the season 2 finale of Downton Abbey (Done at last! Let’s chat!) accompanied by the sweet stylings of a loose bowl clunk-clunk-clunking around in a running dishwasher. While I usually approach dishwasher loading as an art form, this kind of rogue dish shennanigans is just one of the reasons I always hand wash my wine glasses – I’m just too paranoid that they’ll clink together and shatter. Once again, Pinterest has come to my rescue by introducing me to Tether: a plastic rod that affixes to the posts in the dishwasher to keep stemware in place. Genius! $12.99 for four at

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Awesome! Except for the part where crystal should still not be dishwashered!

But… stemware isn’t always crystal.

Very inventive little gadget, hope I can find some for myself in the UK.