steal this idea: vintage mirror collection

While buying a crazy cute pair of shoes from Madewell over the weekend, I was momentary distracted by a rather genius decorating idea. The shop featured a collection of wooden handheld mirrors displayed on one wall near the dressing rooms. Some were so antiqued that the glass was no longer reflective, but I thought it’d be great idea in a bedroom, a guest bathroom or perhaps an entry way — anywhere where you might want to stop to check your lipstick quickly! A quick seplace on Etsy shows that these are relatively easy to gather, with most priced under $20. Still, with spring flea market season upon us, it might be more fun to do a scavenger hunt and find your own. They key would be to find ten or so that worked well together.

Do you have any great collections you’d like to show us? We’d love to see them!

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