possibily genuis? minimalist japanese dog gate

It didn’t take us long to realize that our puppy Cupcake could get over just about any dog gate we set up in the house. He looks at those top rails and doesn’t see a deterrent, but a challenge. He manages to scramble up and over them in minutes. I am not entirely sure that Bow, a dog crate system from the Japanese retailer Replus would contain him, but it sure is a lot prettier than the unsightly offerings at nearby pet stores. Also, I’m thinking that the absence of an upper rail would make it harder for him to climb over. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a place in the states that sells it. Perhaps there’s an industrious distributor out there that would like to bring to American dog owners like me? Click here to see more pictures and tell me if you think it’d work on your pooches.

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Their web site says they’re made to order, so it’s not likely you’ll find a state-side distributor.

I have to say, that looks totally DIY-able! A painted 2×4, a dozen dowels and a hefty electric drill, and you’d be golden. Worth a try, no?


Becki, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It looks like the dowels have a screw at the bottom to screw into the 2×4, though, so if you wanted to do it exactly, it might be a bit fiddly. But I’d be confident in handing this over to my husband and saying “Make a version of this.”
And containing puppies nothing, I’m wondering about it as a babyfence.


It looks DIYable, but I’d worry about the dog jumping up and getting it’s collar caught on one of the posts. Probably not an issue with a dog as little as the one in the picture.


my dog will eat those wood up ;p