going retro for a mad men viewing party

We don’t know which is more exciting, seeing the Hunger Games at the movies this weekend or finally getting Don Draper back into our Sunday nights with the return of Mad Men on AMC. True, neither will quite fill the cultural void left after the end of Downton Abbey, but we’re still psyched none the less. As far as menus go, deviled eggs and martinis sound much more tasty than roasted squirrels. We might be leaning more towards a retro party than a post-apocalypical one. For inspiration on a Mad Men themed party, check out this gallery on iVillage food (thanks @LisaCericola!).

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I’m going to use a chip & dip that looks hideously like a leaf of lettuce. Then I’ll return it to the department store and get a rifle instead.


What about French toast doused in rum that looks suspiciously like a Mrs. Butterworth’s bottle?