how do you get your garden ready for spring?

In a blink of an eye, spring is suddenly in full bloom! Blossoms are on the trees, the bulbs have all sprouted — even the mosquitoes have come out. Hopefully it’s not too late to get my act together and prepare for the growing season ahead. Last weekend I gave the grasses in our front yard a haircut, and this Saturday it’s time to prune the crepe myrtles. I also want to get some herbs and veggies growing inside the house. I love this idea from Cottage Hill blog: recycled newspaper seed pots. They’re made using a tin can as a mold. Once the pot shape is formed by the folded paper, fill it with soil and compost. When the seedlings are ready to be planted, you can put the whole thing — newspaper pot and all — in the ground. Genius!

What are you doing to get your garden ready? I need tips!

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The seed pots made from recycled newspaper is pretty ingenious ! I myself have used another method which uses old egg cartons. I take the top portion off and discard and then fill the carton with dirt and plant my seed. When they sprout, I plant them. If using cardboard egg cartons, you could place it directly into the ground as well.

Both the recycled paper seed pots and egg carton seed pots are a great idea. It’s certainly better than sinking money into plastic ones at the garden shop! My daughters and I have to start working on our gardens!


when you water the plant would the water seep out of the tin can and newspaper?