trend spotting: rooms with slides

There’s a youthful exuberance hitting the high-end decor market: Designers are putting slides in rooms. And not just for kids: This luxury NY real estate ad featured a swanky apartment with a twisty slide that is more bachelor pad than play room. The Novogratz, always an inspiration when it comes to whimsical home decor for families, created this vibrant rainbow staircase with slide. Our favorite though, comes from set designer Samuel P Murray who made this lively space (above, bottom image). Still, as much was we love the idea of adding a little “wheeeeeee” into our daily lives, this seems like a frivolous undertaking. What’s the shelf life a slide? Five years, tops?

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I wouldn’t use one to get downstairs. Or upstairs. And they take up so much space. And, oh yeah, I don’t want my house to look like a playground. So they don’t appeal to me personally.

Um, I’m not sure about you, but I’m almost 34 and would slide down on a regular basis. Also – it’s the *best* laundry chute ever. Or book bags. Or unruly houseguests. When we add our second story, we will add a slide. :-D


Enjoy it in good health, Emily!


My best friend worked for a Silicon Valley start-up (now out of business) that had a slide in their offices, from the second or third floor to the lobby. People used it all the time.

wow! i have no more words!

So. Freaking. Cool.