april fools gags we wish were real

Okay, we get that every holiday is an excuse to push new themed products and market your goods in a festive way. But the cruel thing about April Fools is that we actually saw some “gag” products that got us excited. First up, this “solid” gold pillow from Land of Nod. It looks like it’s made of metallic corduroy, perhaps with a touch of disco sparkle, and it completely appeals to our 70’s rec room decorating roots. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist (not even for $24,198).

The other email that got us jazzed was this one below from Warby Parker, makers of urban cool eye-wear that get shipped right to your home.

They one upped the ante but not just sending out a joke email, but making a whole site intended to fool us: Warby Barker, glassed for dogs. In additional to normal specs (choose from colors like Spiced Muton and Gravy Burst), there’s even a doggy monocle. You can click on a frame to “see them in action” on a dog. When you try to put them in a cart, you get the message below.

Wow. Color us impressed with the work that went into that! In the end, they encourage you to donate to the Humane Society. Good thing, cause we were about to go find an optometrist for our dogs.

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