forget hotels. now i’m treehouse dreaming

The thing about vacations is that as soon as one finishes, the next one starts blooming in your fantasies. As you know, lately I’ve been daydreaming about all the houses we can rent while traveling. That was until I came across Treehouse Point, a collection of Treehouses outside of Seattle available for overnight stays, weddings, events — even business meetings! I am sure a lot of creative thinking could be done up high with the birds — think of all the Hunger Game role playing you could act out up there. But a destination wedding would be really dreamy (leave the Tarzan jokes behind, please). If your night up in the canopy leaves you really inspired, you could take a treehouse building workshop. In three to five days, you’ll learn everything you need to “get off the ground on the right foot.”

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Wow I would love to work at a wedding at this location!!