the new breakthrough philips LED lightbulb: is it worth 60?

Low energy light bulbs are something we’ve grown accustom to reluctantly. We love that they last so long and don’t use as much electricity as standard bulbs, but we hate their blueish glow and the way they slowly come to full light. Technically, incandescent bulbs 40 watts and higher won’t be manufactured after 2014 (something that is still be contested in Congress). The one thing that will make everyone happier about making the eco switch will be better bulbs.

Enter Philips and their new LED which won a $10 million U.S. Department of Energy prize last year. It is the most efficient bulb made yet that can replace your old 60 watters. It comes with a three year warranty and supposedly will last about 20 years (presuming 4 hours of use a day). As USA Today reports, the claim is that it gives off a softer light the CFLS most of us are using now, and it doesn’t contain Mercury, which makes the CFLs dangerous if they break. Philips’ new bulb hits store this Sunday, Earth Day, and the price tag may keep you from making the switch immediately: they will cost between $20 to $60.

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for reviews on their glow – because wouldn’t we all pay more for a bulb that made us look better? If you have an opinion of it, leave your thoughts here!

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Michael Chastain

“Technically, incandescent bulbs 40 watts and higher won’t be manufactured after 2014”

Technically there will still be plenty of incandescent bulbs being manufactured, they’ll just have to be more energy efficient.


would you be able to use this type of lightbulb outdoor?