help! how would you cook purple artichokes?

I keep seeing these gorgeous purple baby artichokes at my local fruit and veggie market. I am enamored by them, but I have no idea how to cook or serve. I’ve done some seplaceing, and most of what I have found is how to use them as decoration. They make lovely tabletop pieces, as seen here in this Food Network story about Thanksgiving ideas or this suggestion from CasaSugar on alternative wedding bouquets.

Surely they must be more than a pretty face? Any suggestions on how to cook? Do you just steam them like regular ‘chokes and take tiny bites? Sounds unsatisfying… Help!

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Jessie Mae

I love those little guys! I pull off the toughest outer leaves, peel the stems, cut them in wedges. Then I fry them up with a some thinly sliced garlic and slices of lemon zest, braise it all in a bit of lemon juice and water, and serve it over pasta.


I’m so jealous. I’ve been looking for them for months now, and they do not have them in my area. I want to make this Artichoke Galette: