obsessive hostess reveals favorite guest soaps

I am one of those fanatical people who insist on having a beautiful (or at least, as beautiful as I can get it) guest bathroom. The guest room itself may be cluttered with office supplies and there may be a stack of out-of-season clothes in the corner, but by goodness, I’ll make sure your towels are color-coordinated and you have all the lotions, potions and bubble bath you need to make your stay a good one.

At the top of the “guest room musts” list for me is a great hand soap for the guest bath. It has to look pretty on the counter (without being overly girly), and have the absolute perfect scent. Not too strong, not too feminine…as Baby Bear would say, just right. So, when I recently tapped out my supply of guest soaps, I thought it the perfect time to do a little testing. After an exhaustive seplace, I came up with a few favorites that will perk up any powder room.

Compagnie de Provence is nearly always my top choice. They take the cake when it comes to clean, simple packaging that’s still beautiful, and their scents are fantastic. I’m currently obsessed with Pamplemousse (grapefruit), which is perfectly cool and crisp, and Figue (fig) though it smells more of pine than fig, if you ask me, making it a great men’s option. Splurge on the glass bottle instead of the plastic, and you can easily refill it once empty.

Much as I adore CDP, they’re not the budget option. For something a bit more budget friendly, I love Caldrea’s Ginger Pomelo hand wash – the fragrance is a little on the strong side, but it’s so lovely, I don’t quite mind. Mistral also makes a fantastic fragrance called Milk (it smells almost like a baby product, and would be a dream for sensitive skin). All of Mistral’s options are antibacterial as well, which is a nice touch.

Now I just have to see about replacing those guest towels.

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