meet judy kaufmann: our etsy artist of the month

As soon as we saw Judy Kaufmann’s vibrant Houses & Birds, we knew we had to feature her as one of Etsy artists of the month. Barcelona-based Illustrator makes gorgeous, repetitive patterns of animals, famous people, houses, cars, trees — all the things that fill our heads, everyday. Sweet and funny, they are sure to make your day. Some of our favorites include her portrait of Woody Allen and her whimsical world map. Click here to visit her Prints & Prints shop on Etsy. Her prices start at only $25 a print. Wouldn’t one be a great birthday present for your bff? We think so.

We asked Judy to share a few insights into her work and life. See her answers below!

How would you describe your work?
Repetitive, tumultuous, colorful and spontaneous.

When did you start making your prints?
In 2000, I was working at an advertising agency, and I had lot of moments of boredom. I began drawing a lot and I think that’s where my first prints came out.

How does your home/city/town inspire your work?

Barcelona is a very inspiring city. I love the fact that you’ve the sea and the mountains very close. The city is full of art history and there is great love for design.

What kinds of artwork would we find on the walls of your house?
As my boyfriend is a sculptor, he has introduced me to all his favorite artists. On our walls you can find engravings from Armand (a french artist), Riera i Aragó (a Catalan Artist) and also some sculptures from my boyfriend, Marc Sparfel.

What is your decorating style?

Marc and I are drawn to classic wood and craft-style objects, which we’ve been lucky enough to find on the street. It helps that Marc knows how to apply his skills to fixing up and treating every piece we find. We love the mix of a Nordic functional furniture and a recovered wood furniture from the sixties. We also adore our small collections of miniature cars.

To learn more about Judy Kaufmann, visit her Etsy shop.

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