the door series: a pop of southwest pink

After last week’s decidedly handsome door, I decided to go a little girly today. This door, spotted on the Inside the Loop tumblr via Fabulous K, has completely filled my dreams. Sure, the exterior walls are stone gray, but vibrant fuchsia door topped with a chartreuse panel and a warm clay frame immediately tell us something creative is happening within. The cactus next door makes me think it might be in Santa Fe, or perhaps somewhere further afield like Mexico City or Old San Juan. I would love to see this color combo on a little suburban house like mine. I’m thinking gray siding, warm clay trim, with fuchsia shutters and door. Would I get kicked out of the neighborhood for being too wacky? I don’t care, I’m adding this one to file.

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You wouldn’t get kicked out, you’d probably start a hot new trend! Before you knew it, your whole neighborhood would be a rainbow of colorful doors! It’s gorgeous, for sure.