4 decorating ideas i picked up while snooping in the novogratz’s house


As I mentioned earlier this week, we recently got an invitation from LEGO that made our design-fanatic hearts flutter. Sarah C. and I got the chance to visit the Novogratz in their West Village townhouse, during a special event celebrating children and their innate sense of design. While there, we were encouraged to walk around the five-story dwelling. Each floor unveiled museum-worthy artwork, innovative decorating ideas and fun and lived-in spaces for kids of all ages — literally! In case you don’t know, the Novogratz have seven kids. One of them is named Five. And they are all insanely cute and charming hosts.


Idea No. 1  — Turn the unexpected into art.

I’m not entirely sure what this wall hanging is above these two kids’s beds, but I love it. It’s like a skin from a Maurice Sendak safari, and it is the stuff dreams are made of.

Idea No. 2.  — Use a candelabra as a jewelry organizer.

This was spotted on Cortney and Bob’s floor. It so clever it kills me. What a great way to keep your necklaces and scarves in sight while still having a bit fun with their display.

Idea No. 3 — Don’t be afraid to personalize design classics.

How genius is this? Decoupaged Panton chairs! I love that idea that nothing is too precious for a little personalization. Who cares if their a classic? Make it yours and feel free to improve upon their design.

Idea No. 4 — A bulletin board is not enough. Make it a wall.

Who cares if we don’t have 20 ft tall walls in our home like Novogratz? I am still gonna steal this idea for Isadora’s room. They have turned an entire wall into one big idea capturing space. The center panel is a fabric covered bulletin board. Its bracketed by two chalkboard panels. I’m not entirely sure how to pull this off — do you make a wall sized board and then just mount it? Or do you cover the wall itself in something? I’m thinking about this one and adding to our future projects list. If you have any ideas on how’d you’d tackle, please let me know!

Hope you enjoyed my little snoop — and forgive my iPhone snapshots! Thanks to LEGO and Novogratz for being so open and generous with their time.

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I covered a 4×8′ piece of foam insulation with black flannel in my studio. You could cover it in anything push pins will go through.


is that a mega-bed in the photo for idea 1? cause i want THAT.

For me it looks more like mess then decoration style )