site we’re psyched about: ikea’s share space

Attention, interior design look book fanatics: Ikea has a new place for you to get lost on the web. A new social experience, Share Space offers Ikea shoppers, interior designers and people who just love their homes a platform to share the spaces they love. Organized by room type, the site allows users to upload photos of their spaces, add Ikea products to wish lists, save inspiring spaces and interact with others by messaging or earning them Kudos, or special badges that are awarded as other users begin admiring and saving their rooms. Like the inspirational room sets at stores, Share Space does a bang up job of bringing life to Ikea’s huge product offering, but what it lacks in tangibility, it makes up for with the breadth of spaces and design aesthetics it is able to showcase by opening the door into the actual homes of the people who buy Ikea products. While the room sets are to die for, and one could really imagine living in them, (remember these guys?), I like browsing through looks created in real homes across the country. What do you think, readers? Are you sharing your space with Ikea? Let us know in comments!

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Hi Sarah, Doesn’t so much of what is available for home design/improvement on the web lack Tangibility? Improving tangibility, or relevance would mean that the products posted on the web would need to actually interact with our homes/residence over the web, right? is a start up with technology ready to do this. Please take the Test Drive and imagine the home represented is yours (because it can be any home/condo/apartment). We are prepared for manufacturers and retailers to have a link next to their products that would expidite your visualization of said product in your home! We also answer the ever present questions of “How much would I need?” and “What would it cost?” with instant delivery of both Professional and D.I.Y. Estimates. It’s also cool that we keep consumers anonymous, and that your home can be with you at all times via your smart phone. This will really help in-store purchasing decisions. It would be great to discuss more of our value propositions with you, should you be willing. You have my email address to set it up. Thank you for your time!