ikea spotting: new lamps to consider

How often do you go to Ikea? I make it there about every six months. When you go that infrequently, you’re bound to be surprised by new goods on display. This weekend, these two beauties in lighting stopped me in my tracks. I don’t need them, but maybe they’d fit into your home?

The first is the mod VĂ„STER pendant lamp, $90. It come in red, white or blue. I love the clear bottom half that displays the bulb. The blue is my favorite — so unexpected!

The second treasure I spotted is the simply gorgeous VARMLUFT shade, which is only $5! In off white it is sophisticated, reminding me the very pricey and classic Viscontea pendant designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (which cost about $1200!). They also come in pink and orange. I think these could be the replacement for all those tired paper globe lanterns. I’m ready to make the switch, aren’t you?

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I was just at IKEA yesterday and noticed those VARMLUFT lights … and had the same reaction! (And I’m there much more often.) :)