skillshare: democratizing learning in your neighborhood

One of my favorite gifts to give friends is a certificate to some sort of fun experience. Here in New York, that usually takes the form of a class; wine and cheese pairing at Murray’s Cheese, or a pie making class at The Brooklyn Kitchen. (New Yorkers, check’em out!) I love taking classes but many of the mainstream options, especially the professional ones are expensive, hard to schedule or both. Skillshare endeavors to solve that problem by creating an online community that connects you to teachers and class opportunities in your offline life.

Much like an education-based, Skillshare allows you to “learn anything from anybody” by hosting a space for teachers to post and prospective students to browse classes, making it easy to find unique, local learning experiences virtually any day of the week. Courses are organized into five categories: Culinary Arts, Entreprenuership, Lifestyle, Creative Arts and Technology. From project management to creating crochet jewelry, to letterpress printing or finding Hipster Happiness (I kid you not,), odds are there is a class that suits your interest taking place right in your neighborhood. And if there’s not, why not teach one? You couldn’t possibly be the only one looking to print your own skateboard, for example. So go ahead: upholster that chair you’ve been staring at for years or arrange that bouquet like Martha Stewart herself. Our readers have many talents. Would you take a class listed on Skillshare near you? Would you teach one?

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