kinda genius: plug book charger

Finding a place to plug in our growing number of devices is a constant quest. This is especially true in our home office, where book shelves line one wall and hide a couple of much needed outlets. This little genius invention solves the problem with a smile. It’s created by Dave Hakkens, a student at the Design Academy in the Netherlands and it’s called Plugbook. He’s launched a Kickstarter campaign that’s helping to raise the funds for production. Pledge just $25 dollars and you’ll get a Plugbook sent to you, no shipping charges! Here’s Dave’s scoop on what it does: “It’s more or less an in-house extension cord. But it has 2 power sockets, 2 USB ports to charge your devices (also iPad) and a cable which automatically rewinds(like in a vacuum cleaner). On top of that it’s shaped like a book so you can always hide it in the middle of your living room.”

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift? Why not make a pledge for this so the dad in your life will have a cool new tech accessory, and feel good because you helped him help a bright idea.

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one question… will the first run of product be wired for US, Europe, or both?