the door series: a yellow burst on a classic brownstone

Walking around New York City, you see a lot of gorgeous doors on classic brownstones. Most are stained a gorgeous wood, and don’t so much as attract attention as blend in with the block. This lovely curved jolt of sunshine is on East 65th Street. The owners decided to break tradition and paint their opening a bold, primary yellow. The effect makes the surrounding brown stone appear slightly purple-hued, making me wonder if a Muppet maker or Spongebob’s creator lives within. Like the other doors in this series, this one scores points for putting its best hue forward. What do you think of this: Gaudy or delightful?

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Gaudy! I love bright and bold doors, but I think this combination is really awful, sorry…


I like the concept of a sunny yellow against the drab brownstone, but this shade looks like the old RustOleum yellow…


Love it.