post off: who are you pinning?

Whenever I need a break, Pinterest is my savior. A cup of peppermint tea and five minutes of browsing through the ever-changing, clean layout perks up my spirits enough to make it through the 3:30 lurch. From new guacamole recipes to lace shorts to Russian palaces, there’s always something that piques my interest and brightens my day a bit.

However, I’m not following very many people. I love Kate Spade’s boards including “Charm Colorfully,” “Travel Colorfully,” and “Celebrate Colorfully” and Elizabeth Banks always souses out cool pins. Her “80’s Horror Movies” board would make for a great thunderstorm movie marathon and “Backyard Spaces I Dream About” proves that even celebrities have decadent wish lists.

How about you, readers? Sound off: whose pins are you pinning?

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DJ Jazzy Jeff

Bloomingdale’s has a ton of cool boards: