help! searching for the perfect indoor/outdoor rug for our kitchen

We have a rug problem in our kitchen. Namely, we need one but everything we put there gets crazy stained. The spot — spanning from the sink the end of our new dishwasher (ah… the dishwasher) — gets a lot of traffic. Spills happen constantly. Also, no matter what kind of rug pad we put underneath, it slips and slides. My search is on: I need something washable that stays where you place it. Ideally it would be a bold color — like yellow or red or perhaps a combination of the two. You can sort of see our old Ikea rug in this photo below. This rug was wool — bad idea. Before that we had a cotton rag rug. Frequent washing turned into real rags.

I’m thinking of splurging on a rug by Pappelina. We have a runner from them in our upstate place. It’s works great in a mud room. The only that’s holding me up is the price — about $300 at Royal Design. I suppose it would be worth it for the kitchen rug of our dreams. But it is completely plastic. All plastic. Is that a good idea?

Another brand I’m considering is Chilewich. I’m a big fan of their products. Their rugs and mats are lovely; if only they came in brighter colors…

Dash & Albert? But they are only cotton — won’t they stain and slip?

Any other suggestions? Help!

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