help! seplaceing for the perfect indoor/outdoor rug for our kitchen

We have a rug problem in our kitchen. Namely, we need one but everything we put there gets crazy stained. The spot — spanning from the sink the end of our new dishwasher (ah… the dishwasher) — gets a lot of traffic. Spills happen constantly. Also, no matter what kind of rug pad we put underneath, it slips and slides. My seplace is on: I need something washable that stays where you place it. Ideally it would be a bold color — like yellow or red or perhaps a combination of the two. You can sort of see our old Ikea rug in this photo below. This rug was wool — bad idea. Before that we had a cotton rag rug. Frequent washing turned into real rags.

I’m thinking of splurging on a rug by Pappelina. We have a runner from them in our upstate place. It’s works great in a mud room. The only that’s holding me up is the price — about $300 at Royal Design. I suppose it would be worth it for the kitchen rug of our dreams. But it is completely plastic. All plastic. Is that a good idea?

Another brand I’m considering is Chilewich. I’m a big fan of their products. Their rugs and mats are lovely; if only they came in brighter colors…

Dash & Albert? But they are only cotton — won’t they stain and slip?

Any other suggestions? Help!

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if you can afford one, a wool oriental rug is awesome! we have one in our kitchen and its doing great (and that is with a crazy toddler, a baby, and two very hairy cats and lots of cooking!).


try – they have a ton of options and the prices are great.

Why not go without a rug? (I know, defeats the purpose of this post.) I never understood the kitchen rug thin, since they are always dirty and needing to be put back it place. I mean, you wouldn’t carpet your kitchen, would you? The whole point of having a hard surface in your kitchen is to make it easy to clean.

Just saying’ …

You might try Scout by Bungalow…we just got one for our bath, but I think it’d live much more happily in a kitchen. It’s almost industrial in style, but the patterns keep them more home-appropriate. They say they’re machine-washable, though I’m stunned to hear that. It feels too heavy for a washer…we just hose ours off.

You could also try mats inc. They have a material called Bolon that’s similar to chilewich but comes in bright colors as well. Hope you find something you love!


Check out They have options suitable for a kitchen.

Dash and Albert have great indoor/outdoor options that can be hosed off but almost feel like a natural, soft material. Also, with a rug pad they won’t slip.

Sorry! I just read more carefully and you said all rug pads slip. We have this old, super thin, and kind of sticky (sounds appealing, right?) rug pad in our front hall with a 4 x 6 dhurrie on it and it hasn’t moved an inch. I think we bought it at target and it was cut to measure. At first it slipped but over time somehow it’s improved.