real life test kitchen: blueberry crumb pie

In the next installment of the Maine-is-on-my-brain chronicles, blueberry pie takes the spotlight. Actually I made this pie last week, when red, white and blue banners were flying everywhere and soaring temperatures made everyplace feel like an oven. I thought, ‘It’s hotter than hell right now, so why not just embrace it and bake something?’ This recipe from Food Network magazine for blueberry crumble pie was speaking to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the whole recipe before I started the process, and it took a long time. So long, I started it on the 4th but we didn’t eat the pie until the 5th. The only adjustment to their recipe I made was adding apricots to the blueberries. You can’t see them, but they’re in there! There are three main steps to this dish: the dough — which takes about an hour and half; the filling — which takes about 30 minutes; and the topping — which takes about 35 minutes. Once everything is assembled, the actual baking takes around 50 minutes, but then you need to let the pie cool for a long time — at least four hours, but overnight is best. So, my word to you before you bake this pie: Start the day before you want to eat it! In the end, all your hard work will pay off as you gather praise and adornment from all who eat its magic. This blueberry crumb pie is crazy delicious. To get the recipe, click through to Food Network mag .

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