the door series: custom made screen doors in austin, tx

I love the idea of creating a front door with personality and pop — as you can see from all the ones feature in the door series thus far — but often the fun ends as soon as a screen door is installed. If you pick one up at Home Depot, it will do a great job adding a layer of weather-proofing, but it will do nothing to for your decor. The best you can hope for is one that blends in. That’s why these custom made screen doors featuring grill work from Austin designer Susan Wallace are so wonderful. Each one brings out the personality of the home and its owner in a way that says, come on in! For example, the one above is on a building that originally “freed” slave quarters and literally fronted the railyard.

I love the way this curved Tudor door plays against the brick.

And this gorgeous flower pattern is so warm and cheery. It works wonderfully with the yellow and orange color combo.

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