a new place for felines to recline: the cat crib

We’re always on the lookout for chic pet furniture, but as any feline owner goes, usually the pretty perch the less interested the cat is in sitting there. This clever new idea may just be the thing to lure your cat off your favorite Sarrinen chair and onto a place that is cozy, protected and built just for him. It’s the Cat Crib, a hammock-style bed that ties to your chair’s legs and creates a nice nest for ol’ Kitty. It’s great for small spaces where you don’t want to take up valuable square footage with pet furniture. It’s machine washable as well. Available for $29 starting in September. Click here to reserve one now.

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The cat hammock is simply adorable! I wonder if cats are drawn to this hidden place…and if not, you can always add a bit of catnip!

The hammock-style bed really caught my eye. It’s a great idea. No more messy cat on the loose ^_^ and the price is affordable..

Ha! This is genius! I find my cat likes to ruin the cushions on the sofa every time we buy new ones. Maybe this will help?