we tried it: trader joe’s new cookie spread

In honor of Belgian National Day, we are republishing our recent post on the yummy Spekuloos sread, now available at Trader Joe’s. Hope you have a waffle today!

Back in our old NYC neighborhood, one of our favorite foodie treats was a bite from the one of the city’s finest food trucks, Wafels & Dinges. We still dream about their crisp, light, melt-in-your-mouth, made-to-order waffles, covered in their amazing Spekuloos spread. Spekuloos spread, for those who don’t know, is like a graham cracker Nutella. It’s so good you’ll want to eat it by the spoonful straight out of the jar. We had bought some to take home from a store that has since gone out of business, and suffered through a long, sad winter without any. But lo and behold, our favorite grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s comes to the rescue! We spotted this gem, called Cookie Spread, the other day and had to try it. It tastes just like the gourmet stuff we loved from the city, even though it’s spelled with a “c” instead of a “k.” It makes our toaster oven frozen waffles taste delicious, and might even inspire me to get waffle maker out and make some from scratch. I imagine it would taste equally delicious on pancakes, crumpets, toast, you name it! And of course, it’s great on a spoon stuck directly in your mouth.

Have you discovered any new Trader Joe treats lately? Tell us about it! And see our past TJ stories here:

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HA! I tried this just last night! My mother bought it and raved about it. To me it tasted more like ginger snaps than graham crackers. And we had it over ice cream… Surprisingly, though, not my favorite :(

Yes, it is best eaten directly out of the jar with a spoon. :) But also try putting a dollop of it in cookie batter or in a milkshake. YUM


You can buy this at amazon now! I was happy to see that, since we don’t have a Trader Joe’s.


The stuff from TJ’s has a different taste and consistency than the Biscoff spread. It isn’t bad in a pinch, but it pales in comparison.