floating doggy beds: would your pooch perch on one of these?

Here we are in the dog days of summer and I’m wondering, what do we need to do get our labradoodle Cupcake into the water? I know he doesn’t mind getting wet — he insists on being outside during rain storms and once took an exploratory dive into the neighborhood duck pond — but our attempts to get him into lakes and pools have been futile. He just doesn’t seem to want to swim. I know he can. He has webbed feet, for goodness sake! His aquatic genes might be a bit to recessed to play fetch in the water, but perhaps he would like to float? These doggy pool drifters from Frontgate sure look comfy. Essentially they’re beanbags that don’t sink (do any beanbags sink?) and they’re stain and mold resistant. My question is this: How the hell do you get him on top of it in the first place? I’d love to see the video on that, wouldn’t you?

Does your pooch like the water? Let me know your advice on getting him cool off with us.

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I have the blue one. My dog Mortimer loves it. You have to bring the mat right to the edge of the pool and then dump your dog on the float. It took a few minutes for Mortimer to get used to it, but what can be better than lounging in the pool. I can send you a picture.