etsy find: not your momma’s marble tableware from greece

We’re always looking for ways to make our amateurish cooking attempts look more graceful. Sometimes all you need is the right something to serve them on, something that can turn the ordinary into something marvelous! That’s where these little marble wonders from Athens, Greece come in. They are made by Filio, an engineer-turned-designer who was working in her family’s marble company. Realizing that Greek marble wasn’t just for columns and busts, she started making everyday items like plates, dishes and coasters. Introducing Marbellous, our latest Etsy find. Prices range between $40 and $100 which seems pretty reasonable for such a thing of beauty. Would they be great presents for the next big fat wedding you attend! You’ll be a gifting god. Click here to see more of Marblellous on Etsy.

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